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General Purpose Float Switch (10m)

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A float level regulator with three waterright chambers and a freely suspended trim variation. Unlike traditional floats that floats on the water surface, this float with its integrated counterweight, remains underwater.

Used in comjunction with a second float it allows you to adjust the minimum and maximum levels.

It’s also possible to use a third and fourth level regulator for minimum and maximum alarm.

Multi contact connection to give normally open or closed contacts

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Cable H07 RN-F 3x1 - Ø 8,8mm (2 functions)
H05 RN-F 3X1 - Ø 7,4mm (2 functions)
H07 RN8-F 3G1 - Ø 8,8mm (1 function)
H07 RN-F 3G1 oil resistant - Ø 8,8mm (1 function)
Casing Polypropylene
Grommet EPDM Santoprene
Power Supply 20(8)A 250V
Activation Angle 20°
Depth max. 20 m - 65,6 ft
Temperature max. +60°C (+140°F)
Specific Gravity 0,95 - 1,05 kg/dm³
Protection Grade IP 68
Class I - II
Certificates CE - TUV - EAC